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How Long Does Delta 8 High Last?

Do you want to consume Delta-8 but have some critical work a few hours later? If so, the first question that enters your mind would be, “how long does it last?” On average, you can expect the high of it to last anywhere between 2-8 hours.

Understanding potency

It can be challenging for newbies to Delta-8 and cannabis to determine the proper dosage. We’ve all heard tales of people who consumed an entire brownie edible sheet and passed out for ten hours.

You won’t want that to happen if you have some important work. That’s why it’s crucial to gain knowledge about the high that Delta 8 offers. It helps to understand your limit and what you can expect after consuming Delta 8 products.

Knowing which products produce particular effects can be pretty helpful while wandering in the cannabis world. How long should you anticipate your high to endure in light of this? And how do you make sure to have a good time?

However, before we do that, let’s first clarify what it is.

What is Delta 8?

A cannabinoid produced from hemp called delta-8 THC has been proven to have effects similar to those of its parent compounds, giving users a strong high as it begins to take effect.

It has different effects based on different users and dosages. Cling on to learn more about the high that it provides and when it lasts.

Factors On Which the effects of it Highly depend

The effects of it and the psychoactive component of cannabis, Delta 9, are similar in duration. A THC high lasts, on average, for two to eight hours. That is obviously a vast span, and depending on a variety of things, you will fall somewhere along that spectrum.

  • Consumption Method

The way you consume Delta-8 significantly impacts how long the effects last in your body and how quickly you experience their benefits. This is by far the most crucial element in figuring out how long a high will last. Your liver absorbs and processes edibles, which causes the THC to be broken down more slowly and extensively lengthening the duration. Smoking causes the THC to be absorbed by the soft tissue of your lungs, whether it be dabbing, vape cartridges, joints, or pipes. This leads to an experience that begins abruptly but ends abruptly.

  • Potency of product

 What level of THC concentration are you using? A potent high produced by Delta-8 with more THC will also last longer in your body. As a result, the higher its potency is, the longer your Delta-8 product’s high will last in your body after consumption.

  • Capacity

 How often you use Delta-8 will also affect how strongly you experience the effects. An inexperienced user might feel the effects for up to twice as long compared to seasoned consumers. However, experienced users won’t face any problems if consuming Delta -. That’s why beginners should start by consuming less amount of Delta-8 products.

  • Body Type and Metabolism

 Like with any cannabis, your body’s reaction to it will depend on your age, gender, and weight. A person with a higher metabolism will be able to metabolize the cannabinoids more quickly, which will cause the effects to wear off earlier. A full stomach will also aid in the absorption of some of the substances and shorten the duration of the high.

How Long Does Different Products of Delta 8 High Last? 

Different products have different highs. Some may last longer while others may not. In addition, different Delta-8 products take different times to kick in. Let’s discuss it in detail below!

  • Delta 8 Vapes

 While the “high” of vaping Delta-8 can start to take effect in as little as 6 to 15 minutes, the long-term consequences may vary. The high can last longer or shorter based on various outside circumstances, including age and body weight. As we previously indicated, experienced cannabis enthusiasts can inhale it up to twice or thrice for the full effect of it. However, beginners should do it once in the beginning.

  • Delta 8 Gummies

 Since gummies are absorbed through digestion, their effects take a bit longer to become apparent. The time it takes for the Delta-8 THC to become noticeable can range from 30 to 60 minutes, but it also depends on the kind of gummy you eat. Some D8 effects manifest quicker than you might have anticipated as it dissolves somewhat before reaching the stomach, although this may mean that the effects will last shorter than usual.

  • Tinctures

The fact that tinctures can be diluted should not be interpreted as a recommendation to take more than the indicated amount. Keep in mind that how is just as important as the what.

Longer-lasting and more powerful adverse effects are possible with higher doses. Tinctures can develop and build their effects in three to eight hours if consumed in smaller drops. As a more covert method of consuming Delta-8 than edibles or vapes, tinctures are designed to be simpler goods.

How Long Will it Last?

You might be curious about how long Delta-8-THC remains in your body after learning how long a Delta-8-THC high would last. 

Although no independent research supports how long it will last after consumption, it is believed that Delta-8 and Delta-9 are virtually equal in this regard.

THC typically lasts up to 48 hours in your saliva and up to 36 hours in your blood after ingestion. Meanwhile, THC typically remains in your body for longer— around a month or more for some individuals.


Several factors determine how long will it last in your body. It depends on the type of products you are using and your dosage as well. Sometimes, even body metabolism is crucial in determining how long it lasts. Some products like gummies take longer to kick in and may not last longer than vapes or flowers.

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