Please contact our customer support team through email at if you would like to begin the process of returning an item. Please include as much data as possible, including your full name, address, contact number, and the cause for the return, in addition to the order number. If the request to return the product is successful, we will provide you with additional shipping instructions for sending the parcel back to us. Once the returned product has been received and inspected, the customer may request a refund, shop credit, or a replacement.

At Weweedo, we are well aware that accidents may and do occur, but when they do, you can count on us to put things right. For additional assistance, please get in touch with us at if you have received a product that is damaged, incorrect, or if your parcel has gone missing. Before sending the email, please make sure you read the conditions listed below!

Please note: After 30 days, we cannot accept returns or provide refunds.

Products missing or damaged

If the item you received is broken or incorrect, please email us a photo of the problem. You will be compensated if and only if your request is approved.

Wrong products

If you believe we shipped you the wrong product(s), please send us an email with a picture of your packing slip and the incorrect product(s) attached. If your request is granted, you should send it back to us, and we will initiate the processes required to provide a refund.

Potential methods of compensation

We have a number of different solutions available to rectify the situation in the event that any of the aforementioned conditions are met by your purchase.

  • Refund your full order/product(s)
  • Your account will be credited with the number of rewards points that are equal to the value of the order or product(s) you purchased.
  • Deliver you a replacement product through First Class mail with the United States Postal Service at no additional cost.

Please let us know in your email which of the two options would be most convenient for you!


We shall not provide a refund or other kind of compensation for any purchases in which you have entered your address or payment information in an improper manner. It is your obligation to validate the accuracy of the information you provided. However, if you send us an email before we ship your purchase, we are able to make any necessary adjustments for you.

Consumable products can not be returned for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to, edibles, cartridges, tinctures, batteries as well as other similar products. There is no way to get your money back for any product that is considered consumable.